Monday, June 11, 2012


One year ago today I married my perfect match.  I have never doubted that he was the one God designed for me.  I can’t express how deeply I care and love him.  I know, I know…I’m the annoying smitten girl that makes people roll their eyes.  Even though I am so head-over-heels in love, I recognize now that marriage is not all fun and games. 

Last year brought so many challenges.  I was getting married without my mom by my side, and then moving six hours away- far from everything that made me comfortable.  Life was going to be different, to say the least.  Nick literally graduated from college the same day we got married.  We are so thankful he had a job lined up, but we were both a little nervous about being so far away from friends and family.  The first month was fun “playing house”-but then the reality sank in.  I had not yet had time to mourn my mom (planning a wedding kept my mind pretty busy), and the shock set in every morning when Nick left for work.  I was alone with my thoughts for 11 hours a day.  I wish I could tell you I was a great wife who greeted Nick with joy when he came home…instead; my attitude was that of resentment.  I felt like MAYBE if I had my family closer, I could get through this.  I whined about being in such a small town without any support system nearby.  God knew better.  He knew that I needed that time with Him to heal.  He knew that I needed to cast my cares on Him-so that He could be the one to deliver me.  This process was very painful, but I can honestly look back and feel Him blessing me during such a challenging time.  Nick had a hard time understanding, but God transformed our lives through this process as well.  The bond you form with your spouse after a family member passes is truly unparalleled.  God used Nick as my constant-my rock in a time of uncertainty.  I am so thankful for a husband like Nick.  This year has brought its challenges, but I can honestly say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been, with the man who surprises me with his love every day.

I also would like to say Happy Anniversary to you, as well.  Nick and I are both so honored to share June 11th with you.  I have learned this past year that love is unconditional, and you, more than anyone, have spent 24 years showing that to me through your love for mom.  You continued to pursue her in difficult years, and you stayed by her side through ‘sickness and in health’, until the day she passed.  You two had a love story that I will never forget.  Thank you for being a dad who teaches his kids through your love of Christ.  I hope that my son will see my marriage with the same respect as I see yours.  I know you’re missing your other half today.  She was the epitome of your “helper”, and I can only pray to have that servant-like attitude towards my own husband.  I love you both so dearly and I’m praying for you as you remember the last 30 years of having her by your side.

On our wedding day, I sang this song to Nick.  It’s the same song my mom sang to dad on their wedding day 29 years ago.  Nick-I hope to live out these words through the rest of our many years together.  I grow more in love with you each day. I pray that I can be the godly wife He wants me to be:

Lord, let me be his sunshine when the skies are dark and grey.
Let me be his comfort, when he’s had a long hard day.
Let me be his shelter, when the world is harsh and cold.
Let me be submissive, when the rest on earth are bold.

Lord, let me be his pillow, when he’s tired and needs a rest.
Let me be assuring, when he faces some hard test.
Let me listen softly, when the world is pressing in.
Let me understand when no one else can comprehend.

Let me walk beside him, when he needs to have a friend.
Let me be something that’s real, in a world of pretend.
Let me sing sweet music, when his hearts without a song.
Let me be his living joy, each moment all along.

Happy one year Anniversary, Nick! I love you.