Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Lord Remembers-A birth story

 “Where are you, God?”  is a question I’ve asked myself many times over the last two years.  "I thought you were going to heal my mom.  I thought you would keep my husband and me closer to home.  I thought you’d let me be married for at least a year before getting pregnant! I thought I could have this baby the way I wanted to."  I put so many expectations on God, that when things weren’t going my way, I surely thought he had forgotten about me.  He has continually changed the course (my course…) and humbled me down to my core.   With each new event that came, I would reference the last one to Him: “uh, God, do you remember what you just put me through? Why this? Why now? I’m still recovering from that last test of my faith.” I constantly questioned his Will. 

Last Sunday afternoon, Ashley and Kyle had just driven off from a lovely weekend visit! We had an exceptional time, but near the end of their time, I was feeling a bit “off”.  My stomach was very tight and I was having difficult time breathing.  I told Nick I was going to take my blood pressure out of curiosity.  It was a shocking 178/115! I was concerned, so I called Whitney, who just finished nursing school (oh, and did I mention she’s brilliant?).  She advised me to take it again in a half hour and call her back.  No change.  Whitney, knowing how “high-stress” I am, called me and used soothing tones! Haha. The conversation went a little something like this: “Adrienne, don’t be alarmed.  I want you to hold Nick’s hand...take deep breaths…and then pack a bag and drive to the ER immediately.”  I wasn’t stressed.  I felt fine.  I humored Whit by packing a bag, but I thought for sure I’d be unpacking it in a few hours. 

We arrived at the ER, and I calmly explained the situation to the front desk.  They got me a bracelet and shipped us off to a private room where they proceeded to hook me up to various machines.  They monitored by blood pressure and, sure enough, it was still high.  Nick and I were very relaxed and were reluctant to call any family members because we thought it was such a minor issue.  We had a dozen doctors and nurses come in and ask me various questions, and then they sent me next door to get a full ultrasound.  They spend 45 minutes documenting every inch of my sweet baby, while Nick and I chatted about his upcoming business trip.  We went back into our little room where they proceeded to hook me up to an IV and told us we’d be staying the night.  We were both kind of wondering if that was necessary… when the nurse casually said “oh yeah, you kids probably won’t be leaving here without a baby”…. WHAT?! Both of our jaws dropped!! I was speechless and Nick managed to mutter “but…we don’t have anything at our house for a baby….we don’t have a car seat!”… The nurse chuckled and said “oh, you’ll have plenty of time to get all of that stuff…don’t worry”. 

Finally, we were left alone for the first time in two hours.  We were so shocked! We didn’t realize the severity of the situation, and were NOT prepared to think about having a baby so soon! The doctor came back in and briefly explained preeclampsia.  He said they would have to do a 24 test to be sure, but he was quite certain I had it.  They hooked me up to magnesium so I wouldn’t get seizures from the said preeclampsia.  We were transferred to a different room where Nick “set up shop”.  He ran home and got us all the essentials (even his playstation…).  I look back at how terrifying the experience could have been, and I can only thank God that he prepared me for each step.  I was very relaxed and focused on getting those results! Even at that point, Nick and I were praying it wasn’t preeclampsia, and I could go home and keep the baby safe in my womb for a few more weeks. 

After 24 hours, the doctor came in and said that based on my protein levels I had severe preeclampsia and they would have to do a cesarean section as soon as possible.  A c-section? Really, God? We have discussed this! I want a natural birth—no meds—no magnesium—no steroids….where are you? I had done SO much research on natural birth, that I had no idea what to even expect with a c-section.  The magnesium is a muscle relaxer, so I am still slightly foggy on a lot of the details.  They prepared both Nick and me for the procedure, and wheeled me in.  They gave me a spinal anesthetic and minutes later, I was strapped down ready for surgery.  They let Nick back in at this point.  He looked just as scared as I was while he held my hand tightly.  The doctors were discussing the weather as they cut right into me.  I heard someone say they took the baby away (what? I didn’t hear anything… is he okay? Am I okay??).  I started to cry when a nurse came up and told me the baby was in good health.  I couldn’t shake my anxiety so they gave me even MORE pain meds in my IV line.  Awesome.  Even though I was upset, I felt God say “I’m here, I haven’t forgotten”. 

The doctors finished up and wheeled me into a recovery room for an hour before I could see my baby.  I had that time to mentally recover and hopefully gain some coherency before visiting the NICU.  I honestly protested when the nurse asked me if I wanted to go see him.  It wasn’t my fairy tale birth.  I still felt so light headed, and I wanted to mentally record every second of meeting my child.  They wheeled me in anyway, and Nick and I were awestruck at the sight of our perfect little baby.  He was so beautiful.  So small.  Such a beautiful representation of God’s faithfulness.  As I looked at his sweet face, God whispered “this is my Will…you have a son”. 

Zechariah means “The Lord Remembers”.  Throughout each trial Nick and I have faced in our love story, God has always reminded us that He is there.  He hasn’t forgotten our needs, He fulfilled them.  We have chosen to forget God and ask for our own will, but He has remained faithful and shown us mercy when we haven’t deserved it.  This little baby boy will always be a reminder of God’s love and provision.

Zechariah Alan George,
We love you more than you will ever know.  We will strive to live godly lives so that you might see Him through us.  We can’t wait to watch you grow, and we will always remind you that God is there, even if it feels like He’s not.  You are our little miracle.  We praise Him for your life!
                                                                                                  Love,  Mom and Dad

update! Baby Z is back to his birth weight of 3 lbs 6 oz.  He if off oxygen and on breast milk every three hours! :) They just put a PICC line in his arm to replace the tube in his belly button.  This will reduce the chance of him getting infection, and is a better alternative for his fluids.  He's progressing very well, and the nurses say if he continues to do well, we can plan to take him home in about 2.5 weeks!!

Also- Nick changed his very first diaper (of his life....for shame!) yesterday.  He was absolutely terrified, but took it like a champ. :) I presume there will be many more to come. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Z

This is gonna be short and sweet people! Nick and I will blog later about the birth story and God's hand through our journey.  For now, we would love to introduce you to our little miracle!

Zechariah Alan George
3 lbs 6 oz
16.5 inches

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

32 weeks and Celica post 2.0

I haven’t updated the blog on Baby G in quite some time! I felt a little stifled after some comments from nameless individuals concerning “arrogant baby bloggers” , so I think that contributed to my lack of dedication.  I’m here to say, lighten up people! I’m really excited and proud of my growing boy and will continue to update anyone who wants to support me through this electronic venue.  I’ve had a hard time being in another state where I know no one, so the encouragement and love I receive through this sometimes gets me through tough days.  I appreciate everyone who chooses to support Nick and I through this silly little blog. On to the good stuff…

 How far along: 32 weeks—time is flying.
Total weight gain: 26 lbs and counting (yikes!) I have gained so much faster in the third trimester! Thankfully, I think I can keep a healthy hold on it and stay under the recommended 35 lbs before delivery.  I got the King family bird legs, so my resemblance to a pug is uncanny! I get a good kick out of it sometimes. 
Food cravings: strawberries, graham crackers, tomatoes, and Mexican food (its always been a weakness)
What I miss: shopping. I know, I know…vanity is a terrible trap…. But I’m already bored of my maternity clothes.
Best moments this week: I had my first of two baby showers! My Mother-in-law is really thoughtful and planned a shower for the George side of the family.  I really enjoyed connecting more with his family and feeling their support through such an amazing transition in both of our lives!  Also, Nick and I started a birthing class.  We are really busy from now until delivery, so I couldn’t get us into an actual community class (boo…I may have cried), BUT our hospital offers an online version of the class with a lot of great tools.  This is really convenient for us during this hectic time.  I'm praying that its just as beneficial as learning from a tangible instructor. 
Milestones: I’m already seeing my doctor every two weeks!! This makes me feel like nameless “Baby G” is coming very soon.

In other news, Nick and the Celica got into a car accident!! (Everyone is fine, thank the Lord).  Out of the four cars involved, Nick was one of the least beat up.  He called me that morning and said “well, the officer on sight said that since my car is so old, it’s considered totaled”.   I thought for sure this was the end of an era with that little black car.  Nope! Nick pulled into the garage and I looked at his car and was like “...why is there duct tape securing your back bumper?”  Apparently, his car IS totaled, and the insurance company will pay us a little extra if we turn it in to them-but Nick refuses. Haha!! He said that it’s still drivable and he will choose to keep it for a little while longer.  I sure do love that guy.  I have full confidence in that man’s loyalty. Thank the Lord he and the Celica are safe!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Little Celica That Could

One of my favorite parts of being a newlywed is the “resourceful life”.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to stay home when our little munchkin comes along, but that doesn’t mean Nick and I live without a budget.  We actually are very strict about saving for large purchases throughout the year.  This, however, creates a very resourceful lifestyle! For example, we have a lot of hand-me-down furniture (Futon, baby!), very little home d├ęcor, and our cars are, by no mean, “top of the line”.  On that note, I’d like to introduce you to Nick’s pride and joy: the Celica. 

If you’ve ever met an engineer, you might be able to empathize with me on this one.  This 1995 Toyota Celica has no internal issues, and runs “better than most cars during its time (quote from the spouse)”.  In fact, my 2001 Chevy Malibu has the most issues, and has earned the title: “piece of crap (also…Nick’s words)”.  We are currently looking for a newer car for me, but Nick has requested we wait to purchase one for him when his is on its last breath.  I personally, think the car needs a respirator to make that last breath, but I will let you be the judge.

On the day we got engaged (December ice storm!), we got into a car accident.  We were not hurt, but the ditch we were in managed to devour the left rearview mirror.  This photo was taken on our wedding day (note the missing mirror!).  Nick finally went to a junk yard and found a perfectly good WHITE mirror to replace the missing black one.  Cla-ssy!  (oh! Please pardon all my photos... I didn't think this was worthy of the Cannon, so my phone will have to do)


I questioned Nick about the hubcaps, and he informed me that when he purchased the car, they were all present, but had since “blown away”.  Nice.  The speakers had been blown out by the incessant hardcore music phase (phase?? Is that appropriate since it’s still his music of choice?) during his high school years.  My sweet engineer found a remedy for this! Styrofoam-encased speakers, secured with electrical tape, sit on the floor boards on either side to promote the best sound quality. 

When Nick was living in Clifton and attending UC, his car (along with his home…twice), got broken into, and the passenger window was shattered.  He replaced the window himself (why would you pay someone to do something you clearly could do alone), and it will not roll down.  The sun roof stopped working a few months back---oh, don’t worry---it’s nothing a little rubber caulk won’t permanently fix! (Who needs a sun roof anyway? It’s clearly too luxurious for us!).  OH! Did I mention that the air conditioning hasn’t worked for years? So now, this coupe has one functioning window and no AC. 

The lack of air conditioning has nearly melted Nick in this 100 plus degree weather.  After doing internet research, he found a cure (going to get the AC fixed professionally would cost more than the car is worth).  The latest Celica quirk is the make shift cooling system installed by Mr. Resourceful, himself.  This quality air unit is comprised of a cooler, a fan, a large PVC pipe, and a lot of ice packs! Hahaha! I watched him create this masterpiece and couldn’t wrap my mind around the level of “white trash” we were stooping to.  It was a wonderful moment.  

So, are we in agreement? The Celica is on its last breath? Nick refuses to give up a car that still runs just fine.  I have already informed him that our child will exclusively be a passenger in my car.  I know this will be one of those things we look back on with laughter and fond memories.  I love my precious husband, and I vowed to love all of him…Celica included.

PLEASE feel free to share your “junk car” stories, or any resourceful newlywed moments.  I love knowing we’re not the only ones. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Renotta King Peru Memorial Project

 ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” “Alas, Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I do not know how to speak; I am too young.” But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you and say whatever I command you.  Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.“  Jeremiah 1: 5-8

I have heard this verse more times than I can count over the last 24 years of my life.  This has been my parents “life verse” that has carried them through pastoral ministries, and on to cross-cultural ministries.  Most people don’t know this, but my mom was called to be a missionary when she was in college.  God spent years molding her and preparing her for the work he had for my parents overseas.  God then called my dad when I was just 12 years old.  The rest is history!

My mom loved the Peruvians, and recognized that this calling was not just for her marriage, but for her individual growth in the Lord.  She took her job there very seriously.  She developed a deep love for the people and the culture of Peru.  In her final days, mom made it clear that she wanted to carry on her ministry to the Peruvians, even after death.  My dad promised her he would make this happen.  This brought the birth of the Renotta King Peru Memorial Project.

Thanks to hundreds of generous donations, we were able to contact a dear family friend, Oscar Medina, to develop a much-needed project in the area of Trujilo, Peru.  Oscar and my parents shared the same passion for discipleship and leadership within the church community.  He and my dad, both, have been called to train ordinary men to do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God.  This passion allowed the church of the Nazarene purchased a retreat center through the funds provided by the Renotta King Memorial fund.  This retreat center will be used for so many things!! Pastor and wives will be able to come and reconnect with God, growing in their own personal relationship with him so they can further benefit their surrounding communities.  This will also be a place of fellowship and discipleship for local Peruvians to build up their relationship with the Lord.

Three weeks ago, 16 of us went to Trujillo, Peru to start the building process for this retreat center.  We laid bricks, painted (oh man! Did we paint!!), and spent time with the Peruvian people within the community.  We also had a day that we were able to go to a nearby church in the area, and lay bricks for a second floor in their church to share the love of Christ with the children in the community, along with teaching them how to read and write.  On the last day, we invited the surrounding churches to join us in dedicating this center to Renotta, and the Christ like life she chose to live.  This particular evening was so important to my family, and we are grateful for those who chose to come and work to support this ministry. 

Lord willing, we will be taking two more teams down within the next few years to finish the work we started.  We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has and will contribute to the Renotta King Peru Memorial fund.  We could not even begin this project without those who chose to honor Renotta in this way.  We also want to thank the group who sacrificed their time and money to come and do physical labor for a week!! Gods light shined through everyone involved, and reached many lives in the process. 

 Andy, David, and Nick showed the Peruvians how to play "American football".  They really loved tackling and were shocked by the concept.

  Allison was a master at catching bricks!

 Rebekah and Amber priming one of many walls in the retreat center. 

  This tarantula was found dead outside the men's dormitory! yikes!

  Oscar Medina and Marlon are lifelong friends!

 Nick and Alex found a little friend

  David and Nick demonstrated the precise art of bricklaying. 

 The group:

We all fell in love with the grounds keeper, Tio! He always wore that big hat and whistled joyfully!
Below: Allison made friends with every child in which she came in contact. It proves that you don't need to speak the language to show Christ's love.

The King family was overwhelmed with emotion when Oscar presented a plaque that will be placed the the chapel of the retreat center, dedicating it to the life and ministry of Renotta King.  (we missed Ashley!!!!)
I want to say a special thank you to Rebekah Gernhard, Allison Simmons, and Samantha Meinerding.  You each showed a tremendous amount of love and sacrifice by spending part of your summer to be with me during such a monumental time in my life.  I am so appreciative for friends who loved my mom, and chose to support me in this endeavor.  I love you each very much and will never forget what a huge blessing you are in my life. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Preggo In Peru

This last month has been a roller coaster! Some of the craziness includes: one year anniversary, Peru Work and Witness trip, Family vacation to Lima and Machu Picchu, moving out of Ottawa, moving INTO Evansville, Nick started a new rotation for work, etc.   The upside to all of this exhaustion is that my pregnancy has been FLYING by.  I was freaking out that I was already 6 months! When did that happen?  Needless to say, there will be many blog updates within the next two weeks.   I thought I’d give you a little sneak peak of our Peru trip and update you on baby boy George.

(That's right! This Mamma hiked Machu Picchu!) 

How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain:  …I was up 13 pounds up before our Peru trip—I haven’t unpacked our scale quite yet…but I’m certain I’ve gained! I blame the delicious food! 
Food cravings: steak!!! Our baby is going to be a mini version of his daddy in terms of his love for red meat. Thanks to MY dad-I’ve eaten steak like a KING (ha!) this last week.
What I miss: fitting into my non-maternity clothes.  I have had a lot of trouble finding cute, affordable, maternity clothes.  I’m glad Nick still loves me even when I exclusively wear his sweat pants.
Best moments of this week:  There have been SO many great moments, but one sticks out above the rest.  My family was hiking Machu Picchu with the world’s worst tour guide, and Baby started kicking pretty consistently.  I waved Amber over, and he gave her a huge Chuck Norris roundhouse kick! We both started to squeal (disturbing the guide), and it was one of the highlights of our day. Baby loves his Aunt Ambie.
Milestones:  moving into our newly rented HOUSE, and visualizing that sweet little boy crawling around his new nursery.   

Stay tuned for updates on the Renotta King Memorial project, and on our family vacation. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


One year ago today I married my perfect match.  I have never doubted that he was the one God designed for me.  I can’t express how deeply I care and love him.  I know, I know…I’m the annoying smitten girl that makes people roll their eyes.  Even though I am so head-over-heels in love, I recognize now that marriage is not all fun and games. 

Last year brought so many challenges.  I was getting married without my mom by my side, and then moving six hours away- far from everything that made me comfortable.  Life was going to be different, to say the least.  Nick literally graduated from college the same day we got married.  We are so thankful he had a job lined up, but we were both a little nervous about being so far away from friends and family.  The first month was fun “playing house”-but then the reality sank in.  I had not yet had time to mourn my mom (planning a wedding kept my mind pretty busy), and the shock set in every morning when Nick left for work.  I was alone with my thoughts for 11 hours a day.  I wish I could tell you I was a great wife who greeted Nick with joy when he came home…instead; my attitude was that of resentment.  I felt like MAYBE if I had my family closer, I could get through this.  I whined about being in such a small town without any support system nearby.  God knew better.  He knew that I needed that time with Him to heal.  He knew that I needed to cast my cares on Him-so that He could be the one to deliver me.  This process was very painful, but I can honestly look back and feel Him blessing me during such a challenging time.  Nick had a hard time understanding, but God transformed our lives through this process as well.  The bond you form with your spouse after a family member passes is truly unparalleled.  God used Nick as my constant-my rock in a time of uncertainty.  I am so thankful for a husband like Nick.  This year has brought its challenges, but I can honestly say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been, with the man who surprises me with his love every day.

I also would like to say Happy Anniversary to you, as well.  Nick and I are both so honored to share June 11th with you.  I have learned this past year that love is unconditional, and you, more than anyone, have spent 24 years showing that to me through your love for mom.  You continued to pursue her in difficult years, and you stayed by her side through ‘sickness and in health’, until the day she passed.  You two had a love story that I will never forget.  Thank you for being a dad who teaches his kids through your love of Christ.  I hope that my son will see my marriage with the same respect as I see yours.  I know you’re missing your other half today.  She was the epitome of your “helper”, and I can only pray to have that servant-like attitude towards my own husband.  I love you both so dearly and I’m praying for you as you remember the last 30 years of having her by your side.

On our wedding day, I sang this song to Nick.  It’s the same song my mom sang to dad on their wedding day 29 years ago.  Nick-I hope to live out these words through the rest of our many years together.  I grow more in love with you each day. I pray that I can be the godly wife He wants me to be:

Lord, let me be his sunshine when the skies are dark and grey.
Let me be his comfort, when he’s had a long hard day.
Let me be his shelter, when the world is harsh and cold.
Let me be submissive, when the rest on earth are bold.

Lord, let me be his pillow, when he’s tired and needs a rest.
Let me be assuring, when he faces some hard test.
Let me listen softly, when the world is pressing in.
Let me understand when no one else can comprehend.

Let me walk beside him, when he needs to have a friend.
Let me be something that’s real, in a world of pretend.
Let me sing sweet music, when his hearts without a song.
Let me be his living joy, each moment all along.

Happy one year Anniversary, Nick! I love you.

Friday, May 25, 2012

20 weeks!

Well, I’ve been a blog slacker! Haha! I have friends who blog like… 3 times a week and I just don’t know how they do it! The last few weeks have been really busy, but also very exciting! I have a lot of fun, new things to share!

Nick and I found out about the gender and were absolutely floored! We both had no doubt that our little bump was a girl.  We even walked into the ultrasound appointment saying “aww.. I can’t wait to see how cute she is!” The ultrasound technician was like “Well, you’re OBVIOUSLY having a boy!”  Both of our jaws dropped, and Nick shot one arm in the air and shouted, “YES!!!!!” haha! The rest of the appointment was a bit of a blur.  We both were euphoric at the thought of having a sweet baby boy. Here's a little picture of him! He got the Baker nose (mom lives on!): 

We decided we wanted to tell our friends in a creative way.  We made cupcakes and had one filled with blue frosting.  When we found out I was pregnant, I started a journal to remember all the details of my pregnancy and to write letters to our little guy.  I was so excited Matt Russell got the cupcake!  I can now use the journal to document all the many reasons Nick and I love Matt!  Our son will be interested to know that daddy was in a band with Matt for several years!! ;-) We love you, Matt! We can’t wait for our little guy to grow up loving you, too!

So---I’m 20 weeks! Halfway there! Let me get you up to date:
Total weight gain: 8 lbs! So far I’m on track! This is a big accomplishment for me.
Food cravings: Rice, tomatoes, and popsicles (I blame Jen Becker for this one… her influence has made me love all things cold)
Gender: BOY!!! Yay!
What I miss: sleeping on my back. Thankfully, I can still sleep very well on my side!
Best moments of this week:  Nick wrote a letter to the baby—it made me cry (most things do, nowadays).  Also, Nick and I are going house hunting this weekend- I will be eyeing possible nursery rooms.  We will finally be a little closer to home (God is good!)
Milestones: the halfway mark! Annnd buying the first little thing for the nursery.

The last few weeks have been and adventure, to say the least.  I’m so grateful for a loving family, supportive friends, and the world’s best hubby (Our anniversary is fast approaching!). 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Memories for Mother's Day

Shortly after my mom passed, I was overwhelmed with worry that I would forget some of her many “isms”.  I diligently wrote down what I could remember in the back of the journal she wrote for me.  I know, this sounds like an easy task, but for the last year of her life, she wasn’t quite herself, so I had a challenge before me.   Some of my favorites include:

-The way she could blow bubbles with her gum (constantly), without it every leaving her mouth!
-Her leg would shake furiously if asked to sit still in any circumstance (dr. office, church, weddings...she was a hot mess!)
-Her nostrils would flare when she laughed uncontrollably
-I wish I could accurately describe the noise she would make when something wasn’t quite going her way…something along the lines of, “ahrrggg!”
-How she would ask me to finish her hair in the back-it frequently liked to gravitate westward
-The little face she would get when she accomplished a task she took pride in (wrapping a gorgeous-looking present, finishing a scrapbook page, examining a flawlessly ironed shirt)
-Her “you’re in trouble” face that she would flash to us in public situations, lest we  get embarrassed by being called down
-How frustrated she would become when eye makeup wouldn’t stay on her face. Haha!

I know that these qualities are things that only close family and friends will understand, but they were definitely the things that made me love her more.  She was so weird, in a good way! 

Last year’s Mother’s Day was a very difficult day for me.  I chose to be bitter and sulk in self pity over the loss of such a wonderful mom.  This year is different! I am choosing to celebrate her: a mom who would selflessly give herself for the well-being of her children and husband.  Nick asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day…and the only answer I could think of was an ode to my own mother. 

In conclusion, I invite you to join with me in this celebration.  This Mother’s Day, I want more than anything to read YOUR memories of my mom. I want to share them with my family and celebrate a life dedicated to Christ.  Your memories of her can be funny, sentimental, from the past, or more current…I don’t care!  I just want to spend Sunday feeling overwhelmed by God’s peace, by joyfully commemorating a woman I will always look up to. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little George Baby

As most of you know, Nick and I are expecting a sweet new member of our family in October.  We are so elated about this news!! It has been killing us keeping it inside the last three months.  As happy as we are now, it didn’t start out that way.  

This new addition was definitely not in our plans for the first few years of marriage.  I had always wanted to be a young parent, but I definitely wanted to take time and enjoy my husband before having greater responsibilities.  We both wanted kids, but had planned to have them in about 2-3 years.  When we first discovered the “news”, I will be honest, I was terrified.  I cried for about 10 minutes while Nick prayed for us and our future.  It was super bowl Sunday and I could not think of anything but the child growing inside me. 

 Monday came, and as Nick left for work, I was left with my thoughts.  I cried and sat in pajamas ALL day!  I had a life to live before kids! I had so many things I wanted to do with my husband before we were parents.  Nick came home and saw what a train wreck I was and immediately came to my side.  We talked it over for a few hours and I said I would just feel better with another home pregnancy test.  As we were waiting for the results, Nick again prayed for us.  This prayer was different.  I felt Nick’s peace in his voice and words, and I literally felt God release all the tension inside of me.  It was a feeling I will never forget.  Growing up my dad always quoted a part of this verse and it came to me in that moment “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7.  I finally experienced the “peace that passes all understanding”.  Nick said amen, and we rushed to see the results of the test.  We both read positive and looked at one another and smiled so big, it hurt.  I felt peace and joy in that moment.  I can honestly say I have never looked back.  I even get offended when people ask, “was it planned?”… or “Oh! So you have a little accident baby”.  The truth of the matter is, this baby was planned… long before I even met Nick.  God planned this sweet child at the exact time he wanted it in the world.  I feel blessed to be used by Him in this incredible way.  I cannot contain my excitement to be a mom!! 

I really wanted to have a way to log my pregnancy and keep everyone updated in a fun and informative way, but I wasn't coming up with any fresh ideas. I found a few blogs that did different things, but my favorites were by  from some friends Kelly Smith and Jen Hauer.  They both have amazing blogs, and I had their permission to rip the idea for my own blog (Plagiarism at its finest)! So here we go! 

How far along? 13 weeks  
Total weight gain: 3 lbs! (I may omit this question depending on how rapidly I gain. Lol)
Food cravings: eggs (of all kinds)!, Mexican food and Skyline (both of which have not been fulfilled lately) 
Gender: TBA at the end of May. Yippee!  
What I miss: Playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).  Laugh all you want, but Nick and I play at home and could dominate you any day. 
Best moments this week: FINALLY telling people! I will forever have little snapshot memories in my head of friends and family reactions. It brought me so much joy. 
What I am looking forward to: Knowing the gender and seeing the next ultrasound.  
Woes: Morning sickness (boo… I’m praying this ends soon), and heartburn! My goodness!! No one warned me about the heartburn-I have such a hard time sleeping. 
Milestones: Informing facebook. :--) oh! And officially being in my second trimester! WOOT!

(Nick wanted to be involved: The baby is as big as a plum this week!)

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him"  Psalm 127: 3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty and the Peeb

Anyone who knows me well knows that my sisters are my best friends.  Ashley and I shared a room growing up, had the same friends, and similar interests, so our friendship has been pretty solid since childhood.  My relationship with Amber, however, did not begin at such a young age.  Actually, Ash and I used to really give Amber a hard time because of her “innately good” status which made her the apple of our parents’ eye. So, my friendship with Amber was much later in life, to say the least.
It all started when we spent a summer in Kentucky, living with our Grandparents.  This was an adventure! Amber was a sophomore in college, while I had just finished my 10th grade year of high school.  I didn’t have a license, so Amber had the honor of driving me everywhere ;).  On the occasional weekend, we would drive to Cincy to see our close friends.  On the drive we always passed that store called “Peebles”.  Being a missionary kid, this name was new to me, and was also quite amusing.  I repeated it several times, laughing out loud.  Amber gave me the death stare-not understanding why it was so funny.  She then started laughing at MY laughter, and thus the nickname “Peeble” was born.  We have, ever since, been calling one another “Peeble” as a term of endearment. 

This has become kind of a sick game between the two of us.  We have warped the name “Peeble” into any creative sign off we can.  Some examples include:

The Peeb
Katniss and Peeba
And our favorite…. Justin Peeber. Haha!

Anyway, Peeby and Andy came to visit Nick and me in Ottawa this past weekend.  It was splendid!!  We had the most fabulous time together.  It was so relaxing, fun, and entertaining.  There was so much laughter, my stomach hurt after they left. We watched movies, went hiking, and we made delicious food and awesome biscotti! It honestly felt like I was in Cincinnati instead of Ottawa.  I just love both of them! Nick and I felt so refreshed after their visit!!

 Thank you both for making the drive to see us! We both consider you best friends, and we hope we only grow closer regardless of where we are geographically.  We LOVE YOU!

<---Ottawa literally believes people have "serious fun" here... its sad.

OH! P.S.  Here's a little treat for all the readers out there... We found this website where you can upload your photos and supposedly find out what your kid will look like.  We fused Amber and Andy's faces to make this hilarious looking little girl with a perm....