Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty and the Peeb

Anyone who knows me well knows that my sisters are my best friends.  Ashley and I shared a room growing up, had the same friends, and similar interests, so our friendship has been pretty solid since childhood.  My relationship with Amber, however, did not begin at such a young age.  Actually, Ash and I used to really give Amber a hard time because of her “innately good” status which made her the apple of our parents’ eye. So, my friendship with Amber was much later in life, to say the least.
It all started when we spent a summer in Kentucky, living with our Grandparents.  This was an adventure! Amber was a sophomore in college, while I had just finished my 10th grade year of high school.  I didn’t have a license, so Amber had the honor of driving me everywhere ;).  On the occasional weekend, we would drive to Cincy to see our close friends.  On the drive we always passed that store called “Peebles”.  Being a missionary kid, this name was new to me, and was also quite amusing.  I repeated it several times, laughing out loud.  Amber gave me the death stare-not understanding why it was so funny.  She then started laughing at MY laughter, and thus the nickname “Peeble” was born.  We have, ever since, been calling one another “Peeble” as a term of endearment. 

This has become kind of a sick game between the two of us.  We have warped the name “Peeble” into any creative sign off we can.  Some examples include:

The Peeb
Katniss and Peeba
And our favorite…. Justin Peeber. Haha!

Anyway, Peeby and Andy came to visit Nick and me in Ottawa this past weekend.  It was splendid!!  We had the most fabulous time together.  It was so relaxing, fun, and entertaining.  There was so much laughter, my stomach hurt after they left. We watched movies, went hiking, and we made delicious food and awesome biscotti! It honestly felt like I was in Cincinnati instead of Ottawa.  I just love both of them! Nick and I felt so refreshed after their visit!!

 Thank you both for making the drive to see us! We both consider you best friends, and we hope we only grow closer regardless of where we are geographically.  We LOVE YOU!

<---Ottawa literally believes people have "serious fun" here... its sad.

OH! P.S.  Here's a little treat for all the readers out there... We found this website where you can upload your photos and supposedly find out what your kid will look like.  We fused Amber and Andy's faces to make this hilarious looking little girl with a perm....


  1. You guys are so great...I'm So glad you had a great weekend! I love it when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts (that sounds wonderful!) Thanks for your post. Love you all so very much :)

  2. I can't believe our little girl made the blog!! Sooo funny! This post makes me smile from ear to ear! I'm so very glad that we had the opportunity to visit! Everyone should come to visit you because you are just the very best hosts!! Love you both so much! Let's make more memories in the very near future!

  3. this is my favorite!