Tuesday, August 14, 2012

32 weeks and Celica post 2.0

I haven’t updated the blog on Baby G in quite some time! I felt a little stifled after some comments from nameless individuals concerning “arrogant baby bloggers” , so I think that contributed to my lack of dedication.  I’m here to say, lighten up people! I’m really excited and proud of my growing boy and will continue to update anyone who wants to support me through this electronic venue.  I’ve had a hard time being in another state where I know no one, so the encouragement and love I receive through this sometimes gets me through tough days.  I appreciate everyone who chooses to support Nick and I through this silly little blog. On to the good stuff…

 How far along: 32 weeks—time is flying.
Total weight gain: 26 lbs and counting (yikes!) I have gained so much faster in the third trimester! Thankfully, I think I can keep a healthy hold on it and stay under the recommended 35 lbs before delivery.  I got the King family bird legs, so my resemblance to a pug is uncanny! I get a good kick out of it sometimes. 
Food cravings: strawberries, graham crackers, tomatoes, and Mexican food (its always been a weakness)
What I miss: shopping. I know, I know…vanity is a terrible trap…. But I’m already bored of my maternity clothes.
Best moments this week: I had my first of two baby showers! My Mother-in-law is really thoughtful and planned a shower for the George side of the family.  I really enjoyed connecting more with his family and feeling their support through such an amazing transition in both of our lives!  Also, Nick and I started a birthing class.  We are really busy from now until delivery, so I couldn’t get us into an actual community class (boo…I may have cried), BUT our hospital offers an online version of the class with a lot of great tools.  This is really convenient for us during this hectic time.  I'm praying that its just as beneficial as learning from a tangible instructor. 
Milestones: I’m already seeing my doctor every two weeks!! This makes me feel like nameless “Baby G” is coming very soon.

In other news, Nick and the Celica got into a car accident!! (Everyone is fine, thank the Lord).  Out of the four cars involved, Nick was one of the least beat up.  He called me that morning and said “well, the officer on sight said that since my car is so old, it’s considered totaled”.   I thought for sure this was the end of an era with that little black car.  Nope! Nick pulled into the garage and I looked at his car and was like “...why is there duct tape securing your back bumper?”  Apparently, his car IS totaled, and the insurance company will pay us a little extra if we turn it in to them-but Nick refuses. Haha!! He said that it’s still drivable and he will choose to keep it for a little while longer.  I sure do love that guy.  I have full confidence in that man’s loyalty. Thank the Lord he and the Celica are safe!


  1. Yay I was hoping for another belly shot soon! You look really great!

  2. Ahhh look at Martin! So cute :) I love the belly and your teal pants!

  3. A,

    You keep right on posting. For those of us not able to be with you, we love the updates. Don't worry about what someone else said. People have the choice to read or not...I choose to read. Love to you, Nick and Baby G.


  4. I didn't know you and Nick enrolled in a baby class.. online or in a class, I think it's pretty neat! AND I didn't know he decided to keep the car-- I think it might be time for them to part ways :) Does this mean you won't be getting the insurance money? I love you! We'll talk more soon!

  5. Plus new house pictures along with more cute bump photos would be a much loved post :)

  6. I'm sorry to hear people making rude comments about baby bloggers- I don't understand why people need to put others down but I'm glad you are continuing on anyway. Look how many people love reading your blog and updates! Keep it up girl, you look great and I'm super happy for you =)

  7. Hey girl!!! you keep right on bloggin!!! I LOVE IT!!! I love seein babies grow in tummies!! keep the pics comin!! I love readin what you are doin, how you all are doin...I miss you all..
    (aunt) She