Friday, December 2, 2011

Bring on the Christmas!

I never thought I'd get sucked in.  The commercialization of Christmas was always kind of nauseating to me.  I used to find the one radio station that wasn't playing Christmas music and save it on preset 1 to avoid holiday cheer! I was a bit of an Ebenezer, if you will. I loved opening gifts and hearing the Christmas story, but when it came to the obsession of red and green, Santa, and overplayed music---I welcomed January 1.

My mom was always a big advocate of the Holiday season! Her Christmas tree would be breathtaking! Our job as kids was to "separate the lights"-we took it seriously until we realized it was busy work to keep us away from the handmade bows and cinnamon sticks which would elegantly grace the tree.  All the homemade, macaroni ornaments were displayed on the tree in mine and Ashley's bedroom--they had no place on the opulent tree in the family room.  We used to have this long-running joke where someone would hide and ugly ornament on the tree and see how long it too my mom to say "Who put that there?? where did that come from?!" haha! I still laugh about it.

This year is somehow different.  I don't know if its the memory of my mom, being newly married, or that God has changed my heart---but I'm really excited!! My itunes is filled with popular Christmas songs, our tree was up before Thanksgiving, and I'm eager to come home and celebrate with family and friends.  There's something so thrilling about making new traditions between Nick and myself.

Thanks to Mamma Simms (Allison Simmon's mom, and also my good friend), we had plenty of cheerful ornaments to put up! What a great wedding gift!

Pinterest gave me a great idea to have a gift for Nick every day of December up until Christmas! I've been working on collecting them and wrapping them with some sense of uniformity.  I'm very thankful to have an excellent husband around this time of year--he's been my shoulder to cry on. On each gift I made a little tag with a reason why I love him.  So far, he's really enjoyed opening each gift (even the boring ones--like undershirts and socks!).

I got a little crafty with puffy paint and scrapbook paper:

25 reasons why I love my hubs!!!:

To really get me in the Christmas spirit, Nick got me roses and a fraiser fir scented candle (I'm in love with it!):


  1. you're so adorable! I love you! You are so joyful!

  2. Fun! Can't wait to get our tree. But I can't believe you fell for the Christmas music :)

  3. I am so happy that you have discovered Christmas music...:) You are so amazing to me in your your blog and you...I truly believe you should get into being a always want me to hear more of what you have to say... love to you and Nick!

  4. I so wish I was as crafty as you!! I don't even know how to use puffy paint! :p Fir scented candle?... I might have to get one! I had forgotten all about the "hide the ugly ornament" game... so funny! Love you!

  5. 'Baby Girl,' you have me laughing and crying at the same time. You mother would be ROFL'ing if she could see your comment about the ugly ornament game. I can't wait for all my kids to surround me on Christmas Eve as we read Luke 2 and reminisce of Christmases past. I am hoping to break out the old 8 mm video's even if you all make fun of the eighties styles and my hillbilly voice. I am sure we will enjoy the memories even as we make some new ones. I pray that you always "love the season" but even more that you always "love the reason!"