Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cheers to Firsts!

Few things have made me happier than being a newlywed.  The experience is truly impossible to describe.  The joy of starting a new life with the one you love and sharing a whole new set of “firsts” with them has opened my eyes to a new facet of God’s blessings. For this reason, I was thrilled to plan out our first Christmas as a married couple!

One night at dinner, we had a good time discussing our respective family traditions.  We gleaned through the list and decided to adopt some, nix others, and develop a brand new list of our own.  

I asked Nick what he wanted for dinner that night and he responded: “BACON!” So, we opted for the “breakfast for dinner” tradition.  We read the Christmas story from Luke (we do this in the King family!), ate dinner, and proceeded to share both good and bad memories from the previous year.  We exchanged gifts and finished off the night with Home Alone 2!  We were talking before bed and it just kind of hit me how thankful I am that I married someone who will always be my best friend. 

As a child, a fond memory of mine was listening to my Mom sing along to The Carpenters Christmas album! I really wanted to listen to it this year and asked Nick if he would get me the CD.  One morning, Nick left for work without my knowledge.  I woke up a little disappointed that I didn’t get to kiss him goodbye.  I walked into the living room and heard Mary Carpenter singing “Merry Christmas Darling” and found a note that said “look outside! Our first snow as husband and wife”.  What a blessing it is to have a man who values “firsts” as much as I do. 

(we sipped on my favorite wine to celebrate our first Christmas together!)

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope you take time to reflect what it means to have the hope of Jesus in a world that appears otherwise hopeless.